Following in his predecessor’s footsteps, Prince Floki takes his seat on the thrown in light of his recent crowning.His newly defined meme power is set to give a breathe of fresh air in light of the recent and countless fake wannabe’s.

There is no mistake, Prince FLOKI is backed by a highly experienced and capable team of individuals who won’t take failure as an option. Many memes have tried to step up to the plate but have often fallen short of rising to the top… Prince FLOKI, as you will soon find out, is here to keep the Crown.

Buy / Sell Tax
13% Total

2% Doge Rewards

4% Liquidity

7% Marketing

Total Supply

Max buy

Max sell

Max wallet


    Build Community

    Princely Marketing

    Stealth Launch

    Kingly Marketing

    500 Royal Holders

    Fast Track Coin Gecko

    Fast Track CMCs

    Exchange Listing

    2500 Royal Holders